New Year and looking back and moving forward

Resolving to post more observations from our Namaqualand experience, and once more got sidetracked But I’d like to share -
Has anyone else spotted the KEW’s Alpha alpha release of the Data Portal ? - many records from Africa are easily viewed and uploaded.
Then name changes are always a problem for Southern Africa, and agreements/comments for my observations are infrequent (thanks to those who do).
So this may be something that some may find interesting,
A vygie that opens at night, has a 4-valved fruit and a name change and then flowers white when open but the petal reverse is orange!! Links to Kew and the latest technology. Mind boggling for the lay-person.

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Goodness…I tried that Portal for little field daisies in Iceland (and the UK) it proved USELESS to me (I proved useless)

See this? three clicks to produce

Works well for herbarium specimens of Southern African species.
This is an Alpha re;ease - maybe feedback?