New Year Plant Hunt 2021

New Year Plant Hunt is going ahead as usual subject to your local COVID Tier Restrictions: for example, in Tier 4 you can go for a walk in your local area with one other person and record the plants you find in flower.

Details here:

Lots of us will help ID plants here on ISpot; on Twitter #NewYearPlantHunt or via email to [email protected]


I was thinking that the snow (gardens) and ice (sidewalks) would be unhelpful this year, but looking at snow forecast sites it seems that most of the rest of the country, at least the lowlands, is clear. (Here we had a thin covering on the 28th, and it hasn’t been warm enough to melt it all.) I managed a short list of 18 species this afternoon, with Allium triquetrum as the most unusual.

I had 47 at one site and 49 at the other. Think the further south you are, and the closer to the coast, the higher the count.

I saw 18 plant species in flower on 1st and an additional five species today (2nd) locally here in the old docks of SE London. Nothing surprising - the usual annuals that I see in flower virtually all year round, such as Galinsoga quadriradiata and Gnaphalium luteoalbum. It’s been a mild winter so far, although there have been three or four light frosts over the last few days, and the Euphorbia peplus, although in flower, was wilting.
I’ve yet to see Galinsoga parviflora around here - or, at least, all the plants I’ve looked at properly, among the many hundreds in these parts, turn out to be quadriradiata.