Newbie here, ID help plz

Uploading… I Found these on my rhubarb plants down my allotment and was wondering if anyone could ID please. I live in Cwmbran South Wales. Uploading… Uploading…

You haven’t managed to upload or link to the images.
Anyway, most users here don’t read the forums - you should go to and add an observation (see Add Observation button);

Yet another example of how easy it is to make a Forum Item or a Complex Project when wanting to make a simple observation.
Might the Begin HERE>> invitation be flawed?
Chus askin’

“Begin HERE”?

I look at the home page and I see a Help button, but not a Begin HERE. Am I missing something, either on the home page, or in your meaning?

I see that Rhihyde2020 has responded to the advice and now successfully posted; Amadan has confirmed the ID.
A satisfacory redirection for our new poster.

Not quite - I just agreed. A good outcome, hope we see some more posts from Rhihyde2020.

Poor proof reading on my part; I have amended my comment on the post itself.

Not a problem, I’m just a picky old sod…

(delayed, sorry) No you are not missing anything - there is not a begin here. No-one in their right mind would begin here with a look in Help Pages,
You have to resort to Help when programming a Video Recorder but almost never when you buy a car, only perhaps later (in secret) when you cannot find the Bonnet Latch. Begin Here would lead to Add an Observation, not start a complex Project nor or go to the Forum to annoy everyone…