News from the Butterfly Conservation trust. ban lifted on neonicide for sugar beet crops

Just linking to the news part to save time. news the butterfly conservation trust arnt happy about it cause more than half our insects bugs beetles and pollinators are in decline its not good news for pollinators

This is my first time posting news on the forum but I hope that the news is interesting. I don’t know why the ban has been lifted again when more than half our pollinators are in decline I can’t find a updated one without also the news about the Butterfly Conversation trust Trying to remove the ban so I hope it is ok. Did anyone already know this or is it new news to you?

Yes I knew about this, but would be interested to hear what others have to say,

Ok. I didn’t know about it. So it was new news to me. Yes it will be interesting to hear what they have to say

It’s appalling new, but not unexpected. There’s been huge pressure from the related industries to reverse the ban. Apparently, there were already ‘loopholes’ that permitted occasional use. There is also the routine use in medication for pets to kill fleas and ticks: this is administered on a regular basis, so the animals are persistently contaminating the local environment.

I think cause the previous bans weren’t complete bans and they could be used anyway that might be one of the reasons why the government lifted the ban.

if it had allways been completely banned the government wouldn’t be able to use that about the ban to allow the use of insecticides again When they ban They have lift it again they have already lifted the ban lots of times and They had to ban over and over before after lifting it lots of times already cause of the science and evidence of the harm it can cause to Wildlife. Its very potent and one of the main reasons for declines in bumble bees in the past but even so the government still lifted it again but that’s cause they have lifted it lots of times in the past. There probably thinking wev done it before so there’s no reason we can’t do it again besides it’s already been lifted lots of times. I think one of the reasons Butterfly Conservation trust is asking for a complete ban is cause otherwise the government is just going to keep lifting the ban as long as there’s a partial ban it’s still being used.

As long as it’s still being used the government will use that as a reason to re lift it again in the future even if it’s banned again unless it’s banned completely so it’s not used at all cause then they wont say it’s still being used anyway we can’t pretend it’s not being used at all it’s just a partial ban

Like Bumblebee Conservation trust says if there isn’t a complete ban it will only keep going round in circles partial banning lifting partial banning lifting banning only to be made to ban the pesticide again cause of the effects of the pesticide on Wildlife and humans and not just pollinator populations but other Wildlife in the food chain not intended to be the target of the pesticide that feed on insects. and other animals that can also be poisoned by the animal that can be poisoned by the pesticide. like scavengers for example.

an animal that preys on a species afected by the pesticide will be poisoned cause the animal was poisoned. For example blue tits don’t just eat fat balls and Caterpillars they also eat bees. They simply take the stinger out then eat it. If a blue tit were to catch a bee after it had been poisoned by the pesticide it would get poisoned then that will attract scavengers that will prey on it after the poisons done its thing and then the scavenger that did the helpful job of removing it from the ground for us get poisoned.

As for both beneficial and non beneficial insects that pollinate crops like sugar beet they will be poisoned by the pesticide poisoning not just the insects they see as pests of sugar beet but ones they don’t see as pests or that are beneficial aswell which isn’t what they want cause they only want to target the ones they see as pests of sugar beet crops

I haven’t heard any other news on this topic yet but this is the most recent from the Butterfly Conservation Trust in May this month

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I raised this (on FB) with our local vet. They assured me that they are using an alternative anti-tick pill that doesn’t contain neonicotinoid imidacloprid