No more animated giffs

We had quite a few animals giffs on iSpot
Herew was one

Unfortunately, it is no longer working!!

It does sort of work if you click it and go into full size view.

Oh dear, you’re ALL going to hate me.
"I suspect those with slow connections will find it annoying." is written in one of the comments and it’s true and it probably gums up the server too…
iSpot is struggling and in deep trouble. I believe that such uploads should be barred and, perhaps, video clips too. There are plenty of sites where such things can be stored and viewed at their very best and the links are simple.
See -
I think I can hear incoming…

Video clips never used to be possible on here. Are they now (saying they should be barred implies that they are allowed to me)?

No we won’t! I for one - a notoriously slow connector - hated 'em. Distracting, jerky, impossible to see detail of subject. Chalk up one for the New! Improved! iSpot …

For the record: it is working in full size view. Which is good. The value of a good GIFF image shows some of the animal movement which cannot easy shown on a photo or series of photos. This may be unique to the species and help with ID.

Yes, I noticed that. But there is no ways of knowing that this is a giff and will work if you open the original picture (full size view). To all intents and purposes it is simply broken and the valuable information lost.

Yeah great,

Many hours of cropping and painstakenly aligning my pictures for my project on frog patterns.
The gif is gone and I’ve lost all the pictures save 1.

But I don’t really care anymore.

explain about the pictures being lost …

Please CARE. It may be that you were care less - I am. Either way, without people like you iSpot WILL die.
Use some of your frustration to reduce the posts is this Global project - please?
PS (below)

I know,…

@dejayM - you will discover that Alex has been very busy: see here:

Almost everything is done!!
And here:

It is a disaster when some of our most active and innovative iSpotters are giving up!

Also distressing is the large number of links that no longer work. ALL THAT WORK - Gone!

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Pictures not lost, just the gif. It seems to show the first image of the gif at least. But I dare not edit it as this might delete the gif. Best bet is to hope that it is fixed on iSpot so that I don’t have to do anything.

Maybe someone can test what happens when you edit an observation with a gif?

The problem is that people cannot be notified of my feedback and I have made IDs that don’t get likely because people don’t shift their vote. I will always be willing to help make IDs in my field (on any platform), but I will not post observations to iSpot until they show that they respect my contributions by fixing up the site. Otherwise my observations are worth more elsewhere.

I dont think the programmers are malicious, just woefully ignorant of what was happening on the old iSpot and thus not catering for what lots of users were doing on iSpot and tools and features that they had developed using that functionality. More worrying, is that they dont seem to care about data quality and integrity; all scientific ethics have been tossed.

Getting that functionality back to make the site meet scientific standards is the real problem at present.

since this is the only way to get hold of people…

Scary!.. I have to say though that even in the very best of iSpot days, this type of issue was not solved by leaving a comment. There are dozens of examples of these ‘split-votes’ and misplaced Likely Banners. But, to be fair, it is the Nature of iSpot that we may not agree.
I can’t comment on the ID itself, though I don’t think it very British (as we say!) to ask agree-ers to justify their agreement. All you really needed was that shift of Likely, now let them stew…

Cultural Difference between ZA and UK site!!
And why we have far fewer hung or wrong Likely_IDs than you.

But: bit of a cheek to demand an explanation, with only giving a vague one himself! But his references are impeccable.

it was actually, there were always the dedicated few that made IDs and agreements and checked their changes.

With regards to the actual ID, I only ask that people review their ID. It seems many people just agree because it ‘looks right’, and then cannot reconsider the evidence when a new ID is made because of the lack of notification.

Yep, seems so. But I see that Bushboy has risen. Maybe you should justify your agreement (but not here!)