#NoMowMay - Introducing the rarer plants in Every Flower Counts, Plantlife Lunchtime Talk TODAY

If you are participating in #NoMowMay, you might be doing the Every Flower Counts Survey on Saturday 21st May. Want some top tips on the trickier finds in your garden? Then join Plantlife at lunchtime TODAY, 12:30-13:30, for their free online webinar: "No Mow May - Introducing the rarer plants in Every Flower Counts" that will cover some of the Every Flower Counts rarer plants that are less familiar and potentially less common in your Every Flower Counts survey area. It’s optional to pay, so make sure you select £0, or whatever price you feel comfortable paying. Sarah Shuttleworth is a botanical specialist involved with the National Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) and botanical training across Plantlife. Their basic intro to plants webinar was a good one for beginners but in this one she’ll be getting to grips with a dove’s-foot, bird’s-foot and even a crane’s-bill possibly present in your garden! If your Every Flower Counts survey area has some less common lawn lovers then this session should help you identify them in order to take part in Every Flower Counts at the weekend. Check out the News Story on our frontpage for more info: So how does your #NoMowMay garden grow?