Non-recovery from failed image upload

iSpot announced that there had been a problem with uploading an image, but apparently neglected to note that it was no longer in the process of uploading that image, so the process of uploading the images never completed (I had successfully added the failed image by dragging and dropping it a second time) and it was not possible to complete adding the observation.

Was that a public announcement on the Home page? It seems OK at the moment.
Is this a symptom of site slowing down?

No, it was an error message, similar to the one I get when I cut and paste easting and northings independently in the GR box.

Really sluggish today - Tues 09:30
Me? My PC? or the site?
I cannot load in the total Observations - takes 75 secs for the first MAP refresh (Show More Observations), refresh by refresh of the map should lead to the total. Can anyone tell me the total number please? It seems sluggish to the point of refusal


Yes map load very slow for me as well. I asked the server people about this last week, no response from them yet.