Nurdles galore in Spain

In northern Spain they are frantically sifting all there beach sand following a nurdle spill from a cargo ship.

Lets hope that the Spanish can claim for the clean up from the ships insurance.
They are trying to get them classified like oil as a pollutant.

Maersk spokesperson said. “Crew, vessel and cargo as well as environmental safety are of highest importance…” - note the order here.

Nurdles in UK. Limekilns Beach in Fife is heavily polluted with nurdles and are an ongoing problem. See my observation : Nurdles | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature Once you look for them they are everywhere! The map on this site illustrates the worldwide problem- The Great Nurdle Hunt:

It was that link I posted in the thread HB1 posted I was looking for. It is in the first screen of comments. Motorbikes galore!!!
I never did find the story about a six monthly mail boat that arrived at a remote island for the crew to discover that almost the whole population were wearing expensive trainers and T-shirts.