Observation edits failing

I’ve tried to add the wall tag to some of my observations. The system is not responding to the agree and update observation button, and revisiting an edited observation it hasn’t silently updated it either.

When I tried it I had to add the habitat again - not sure if that’s the same for you?

These are old observations, where I hadn’t specified a habitat because there was no good fit (e.g. a fern growing in a railway station building wall). That could well explain why it fails. (But not why it fails so gracelessly.)

If your observations were in the same position, all well and good. If not, having to reenter the habitat is another issue.

Mine was an old observation that I believe did have a previous habitat but for some reason when I added the new tag I had to re enter a habitat otherwise it wouldn’t allow me to confirm. No idea if the two things were connected but that’s what worked.

Yes when editing old observations that don’t have a habitat you do now need to add a habitat if you want to make any changes such as adding a tag. For the railway station building I would probably go for urban.

Unfortunately I can’t see urban among the options offered.

I believe I made habitat a required field recently, so I would expect it to throw a wobbly if you didn’t provided one - but not if you did!

Yes, Luisa’s comment reminded me of this, which explains the failure.