Observation of the month

We should volunteer.
The V-list should be in the Home Page item, so that everyone ‘can’ see it. Fewer seem to come to the Forum.
I am on for February - I will aim for Observations MADE during that month, so in my case the Observed and Uploaded dates will (probably) need to be in February - though I’ll apply a little flexibility.

Should there be a lack of Volunteers, Miked could ask Admin people to help - I am thinking JaniceA, ChrisV, Miked and perhaps another. to allow it to continue. It perhaps would not hurt for them to volunteer.
This is not as difficult as it might sound - but it should be a personal (or a partnership choice) some reasoning is probably best offered by the ‘chooser’.

We do not need to do this alone. I suggest we MIGHT ask a n other(s) for some assistance.
I do not think we need other users to nominate ones during the month.
HOWEVER this process should not be entirely diviorced from the Forum Favourites Favourites 2024
or Exemplars https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/816065/
as always, just personal opinions,