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‘Favourites’ has been running since 2019 here Some favourites
This then is for YOU to show us things we might otherwise miss (or have missed) and may apply to long-ago, perhaps otherwise-lost observations, that you like or think others might like or actually needs more support
Please consider linking a Global Observation sometimes.

This was a favourite (in my Favorites) for a while with the view to finding out more - it is an unusual colour, with only one agreement

Don’t miis this Other Observation - Ladybird | Observation | Southern Africa | iSpot Nature

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It’s not 2024 but I was quite taken with this little fellow.

That’s lovely! We can add any date here, find some really early favourite or deserving ones and give them a boost here.

This observation is of one of my favourite birds. Surprisingly there were no agreements (until today). I chose it partly because it is a nice shot of the bird but also because it captures something of the remote, wild areas it inhabits (in winter at least). I usually see them on Ashdown Forest, which is downland and can be very bleak in winter. The species doesn’t breed in the UK. The photo also shows its habit of perching on a vantage point from where it flies down to catch its prey. Unusually for a passerine (perching bird) it has a hooked beak and can kill living animals. It will sometimes impale its prey on a thorn if it catches more than it can eat immediately. I suspect that this is unusual in winter.

Opening that delightful link meant I missed my afternoon’s walk. Another hour lost to iSpotting Other Obs!

Not the observation

But there are some real gems in Nick Uptons comments - some of his work from the 90’s is linked - I’ve added his Tobago programme link from 1994 to my Tobago project. It’s number 40 in the list at the link. There is also an excellent beetle programme too.
Such a shame that a lot of his work is becoming increasingly difficult to access. He worked with some great people too.
The comment trail - worth a look.

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Thanks for unearthing that history, Al. I love the theory about the origin if the witch.
I’ve seen fireflies but don’t know what species. I don’t really trust my memory but I think in Atlanta, Georgia and on the South Island of New Zealand. Never in the UK, though.

lost moments
It is easy to let things pass us by. This observation

forms the basis of a Full Description now in the on-line pages of the The Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland
It is not widely known that there is an Invitation ONLY tag collection of Marine shells in iSpot Observations | Gallery | UK and Ireland | Page 1 | iSpot Nature

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I am really sorry NOT to have been supportive to that delicious observation, made during MY Christmas Days Project but, because it was a GLOBAL observation, MISSED by most
I have never received much supprt for this

No apologies required. Global observations are what they are. I’ve had more than my fair share of support for mine so no complaints from me.

You’ve got some particularly interesting ones from Tobago!

Superb images of something rarely recorded:

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Thanks for highlighting this, Amadan!

yes, I agree. Two other good’ns today from Lloyd, a bit more difficult

two. It is always worth looking briefly at Other Obs when you find a good un


Just a delightful observation.

Tried posting this last night, but the link didn’t want to work - suspected water ingress to the local communications infrastructure.

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Ben was delighted to find this rare Ganoderma Persistence paying off - rare Ganoderma find | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature

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Something very different that sparked iSpotters’ imaginations Ancient birds | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature

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It is April 1st. I’ve looked at today’s posts for the « April Fool » . Have I missed it? It’s 5.30pm now; is it coming later?

Some years there are several and other years there seem to be none. In general the Independent listed a few around the media and supermarkets.