Observation seemingly disappeared

Not sure if this is the right place to raise this but I posted an observation of a polar bear in January 2023 as part of my My icons of the natural world project. It’s not important in terms of the project as it’s kind of finished but I would be interested in what has happened to it. It’s not showing in any of the filters and when I use the general search function to search for polar bear it comes up as the top result but with no photo and when I click on it I get the 404 error?

I tried looking for Ursidae under your name, Luisa, and got no returns.
I tried looking under ‘bear’ and got your ‘bearded tit’ record!

Thanks very much for trying Ken - it’s very weird! Hopefully one of the iSpot team will be able to shed some light on it.

There is a polar bear observation from Jan 2023 which was ‘inappropriated’ i.e. someone said it was not suitable so was taken off the site (I am not sure if it is your observation). But the comment was ‘inadvertently added to the live site’ as if it was a mistake.

I could try re-allowing that onto the site or you could simply add the observation again.

Hi, thanks Mike, if it was deemed inappropriate would you be able to tell me why just for future learning for me (privately via my email if that’s more appropriate). I can’t think of any reason why it would have been.

From the text written by the person who inappropriated the observation, they thought a mistake had been made and the observation was for the test site rather than the live site and you put it on the live site by mistake. i.e. there was just some confusion rather than the observation actually being inappropropriate. Not sure I have ever come across an instance like this before.

I have checked and I can’t make it live again in this particular instance (programmer Chris might be able to but he is away this week) so it may be best to just put the observation on again.

edit: I have tried to republish the observation another way so it may or may not appear on the site, will have to look out for it in a while.

Thanks so much Mike - I’ve added it again - can you please just check it’s all correct from your end:

Also Mike, my previous obs had some agreements I think - are they just lost now? It doesn’t really matter, I’m just interested in how it works when something is deleted or removed. Thanks again, Luisa

Apologies Mike - I saw the email notifications so added it again and then only saw your edit when I came on here to tell you what I’d done.

I suspect you may have lost the agreements anyway.
If I can find it, I’ll re-agree.

Thanks Ken that’s very kind but don’t go to any trouble.

Looks ok except the location is slightly off land (which might still be correct) but might need checking.

Thanks Mike - re the location, to be honest it was somewhere in the pack ice above Svalbard but I don’t have the coordinates so I just put it where I thought.