Observations in other category not invertrevretes

For some reason my moth observation was automatically put in other organisms

I’m not sure weather that is stopping the moth going in the dictionary

Hi Zo, yes for some reason Lepidoptera is categorised as other organisms. I was advised to use Heterocera for unknown moths. It comes up if you type moth into common name.

Thanks i just wanted to put family first to make sure it goes in the dictionary before going further and Iv managed to get the moth in the dictionary now

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Also iv added another identification. just in case anyone gets confused that the suggestion Hererocera that went in the dictionary isn’t in the dictionary now.

The Other moths go in the dictionary it was just that scientific name

There are various problems with the species dictionary which is why we try to update it with corrections made (it is a huge task). It is based on the dictionary put together by natural history museum in London.

Just in case anyone wonders. Iv edited the name of the observation in I spot but cause I cant edit the post on this forum now I can’t re add the link but even though it says the old title if you click on thd link it will say the edited title so it won’t say just moth on I spot