Observations missing from other observations(resolved), so OTHER BUGS

there’s an example in https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/730737/scale-worm ,where when it was first identified a day or so ago showed 2 other observations, but now revisiting it shows none
Further, in the species dictionary https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/species-dictionary/NBNSYS0000175681/harmothoe-extenuata it now shows only recent observations; surely it should show them all, especially if there are only 3!
UPDATE I’d mistaken it for another post with 2 other observations, Apologies!

scale worm: might someone have:

  1. deleted the observations (oh horror of horrors - grille!!)
  2. changed the IDs.

But the filter just shows one observation.
Can you find the other two observations???

As I said, I noticed 2 other observations after the identification, & was surprised there were only 2, & so looked at them & they looked the same. There are only 14 altogether, so it was easy to check through that there hadn’t been any changes to them

Sorry: I am lost. I did a filter on it and there was only 1.
What 14 are you referring to? Am I perhaps in the wrong community (UK)?

sorry, I meant 14 harmothoe species & in uk

It’s good to hear changes & tracking to be hopefully restored, but another deficit is surely the great loss currently in species dictionary function, which had become a valuable, quotable resource on the net (google & other sites), plus in ispot you could check an ID with all others of same ID, & spot any faulty ones in the list. But now only the latest 12 show, & to get the rest must use Com’y list & set up filters, giving a totally unqotable spaghetti-soup of an address.
It’s true the old addresses to the dictionary still work (ie link up to its now reduced state) but nobody’s likely to quote the new addresses with the 16 additional characters (how was that an improvement?).
A further value was you could switch dictionary to Col or SANBI to seek others of the same species

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If you want to track how the debuggers (lekker woord daai!) are responding to these issues in our debug list, they are:

Changes #26
Tracking. #27

Switching between dictionaries: #396
master dictionary: #484

dictionary: #112
surfer: #111

Searches to easily find a taxon
in the dictionary: #203
in the surfer: #183

Should I add a request: a nifty url for these as well?

Out of interest here is
which gives page 6 of the global marine habitat (other numbers available <=86)
NB It Doesn’t seem to work if you click on it, but does if you open it in a new window

Out of what sort of interest?
There are 4277 observations (go to map and press more 5 times: how ridiculous is that), which means at 50 observations per page that there are ~85 pages. So cool

But please note that there are no southern African observations. That is because we have had a major marine programme on iSpot called SeaKeys and our “marine” is divided into:
Marine Benthic
Marine Pelagic
Marine Canyon
Coral Reefs
Deep Reefs

So UK Marine = Littoral+3 Marine types+2 reef types. We need a hierarchical and overarching schema to accommodate these differences.
So see: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/article/297289/seakeys
with some observations: yes I hit more15 times times before giving up - what a STUPID system!!! (Instead of the server giving me my answer straight away it had to process it 15 times: that is the sort of logic the programmers are using - 15k observations is too much to show, so we will make the server deliver .it in 1k 15 times so that the user can work out how many observations there are in the project!) (and I wont mention the stupid preview window - of course I want to open the observation, why do I have to wait - just open the stupid observation straight away!!!)

Note to me: check these for curation:

none of my bugs resolved!!