Odd behaviour tonight

Using my Android phone tonight to review changes. When I tap on any change, a new tab opens, as usual. When I’ve read it, and tap the “back” key, the tab closes, as usual. But then, unusually, the changes tracker refreshes, slowly. All the previously yellow (unvisited) changes are now white (visited, though I haven’t).

Yes some unusual happenings with trackers.

Just now I found my changes tracker excluded my own recent activity, that was shown on my activity tracker. This was a requested feature / change !

But like you i found the yellow left the changes tracker after reviewing one change.

I have been badgering for years to rid the CHANGES TRACKER of our own DUPLICATED activity. I am glad you are noticing it.
All your Own Activity, should you forget what you’ve done, is in your ACTIVITY TRACKER

This has been a ‘feature’ since the 2017 recode. It is another ‘thorn in my side’.
ANY refresh of the Changes Tracker page removes the yellow. Nothing regarding the Yellow has changed lately.
All that’s happened (thanks to @Chris_Valentine) is that our OWN activity has gone from it - thank goodness. All our own activity is in the Activity Tracker and always has been.
I am hoping people see this as a BIG Improvement but there have already been complaints.
This change was high on the lists in Improvements requested (2018)
Reiterated a few times.Improvements requested - #14 by dejayM
Few people commented then