Odd search result

If I do a search of iSpot for the word Calyptostoma, this observation comes up.

Red Mite | Observation | Southern Africa | iSpot (ispotnature.org)

But I can’t see any mention of Calyptostoma in the observation. What is the explanation, please?

No, I can’t see that word either. Perhaps it was in the page, perhaps in a comment that has since been deleted?

Or just down to Google’s hopeless search of ispot. It makes so many mistakes sometimes wonder how google can get away with it.

Google has changed its algorithm several times, but I seem to recall once reading that if the link text contains a word the target page comes up on a search for that word. That could explain some apparent anomalies.

There’s a couple of scripts in iSpot that relate to “SEO” and one of them is responsible for taking the observation title and bunging it after the ID. Google however are given a massive list of all of the observation records (and lots of other pages in iSpot) so they’re being handed pages “on a plate”.

Did you check the other reference (of two search returns)?
With 120 other quite similar links?
There must be something in common that has nothing to do with Google
I’d prefer to assume there is a miss-cross-link in iSpot’s browser or the SANBI Index.

I agree though, the search facility in iSpot has been appalling for years. It has always been highly biased to iSpotza and very inaccurate.

There are two UK records of Calyptostoma in GBIF
Search Google for calyptostoma ispot and the same two references occur, the one in question does NOT contain the word.

The UK iSpot Browser does not contain the genus at all and maybe should as it IS in the UK HNM Index here (@Chris_Valentine )
I wish I knew about super and sub-cohorts. But please don’t bother here!

I suspect the ‘false’ cross link is in the Order Trombidiformes or the Sub Order Prostigmata Species Dictionary | Natural History Museum

iSpot’s Suborder https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/species-dictionary/NHMSYS0000066851/trombidiformes
Calyptostoma is correctly placed in iSpotza but without Observations https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/species-dictionary/277921/calyptostomatidae
I suspect Mark Wilson’s link in his comment MIGHT be the mis-link - how clever of Google to spot it then!