Official communique

I am not surprised by this but actually at some stage these words may cover whole of UK. What I am surprised about is how much it has gone under the radar of the general public despite many programs (admittedly mostly on wireless) about the issue this autumn.
Suppose main question is how many birds will be wiped out by the virus or human actions before less dangerous strains take over. Or indeed is a modified version going to spread to humans. Spoke to some wardens about it and they said it was terrible seeing and having to deal with all the dead seabirds earlier.

We had this letter several weeks ago, Mike, possibly because there are quite a few chicken and turkey farms in Lincs.
Your second para is pertinent.

I saw a press article recently saying this is the worse impact on bird populations since DDT.

Perhaps would be helpful if people and politicians could see the bigger picture that everything living on this planet is linked. Especially disappointing that people have so quickly forgotten covid lockdowns and what it was like when they suddenly, briefly, valued scientists and health workers.
Only needs a small change in bird flu or covid or swine flu or any number of other conditions to get the next zoonotic pandemic affecting humans not ‘just’ the wildlife.
Wondering if there is a way to capture this one planet view as that would avoid the need for the climate or biodiversity or ozone agreements, they would all be captured if there were one agreement not to trash this single planet. [note if anyone reads this later, it was written on Christmas eve so an item for Santa.]