Oh wow - this one is rather different

Heading displayed went it’s own way

Crystalline glass, Stofbergsfontein - 2011

I thought that maybe it was a late-at-night typo.

But I keep copies and it should have been the same as the url.

Galenia Crystalline, Stofbergsfontein - Oct 2011

Is iSpot doing a spell-check?
BUT SEE - here it is correct
Maybe it’s time for me to take a break

I thought we were supporting your SA posts as well as we are able. Advising you to leave for inat za seems a bit drastic.
I hope you stay, Mza.

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Wondering why iNat has become so ‘special’ - there are so many other sites.
Remember I had amazing support with my Lichens when I was learning on iSpot - loyalty is more important to me.

Some of my problems are not due to iSpot it’s the way the names are changed and not universally supported.
Re the Silvermine Ericas - I’ve contacted my friends who were with me for those visits tempus fugit and they are unlikely to go up the marshes on Muizenberg Mountains but will see if some of the younger friends may perhaps find the plants - it’s not as safe as it used to be. either.
Meanwhile they will be checking the photos they took - possibly slides.

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I have found that Change is not universally supported in all sorts of scenarios.
Sometimes I like to embrace the lack of universal acceptance as a pleasant challenge; othertimes I do not.


I’m learning to cope - not sure if you were aware of the name changes and confusion, in my mind at least, of the Lichens where Froden helped us - I still have his email Systematics in Teloschistaceae
Found the link with abstract https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1756-1051.2013.00062.x
May have sent this to you before @miked

“ the large plasticity in both morphological and anatomical characters between closely related species within genera,”.
That sounds like lichens I know too.