Passport needed?

A certain iSpotter may need to go through Customs before posting in future. Or maybe he’ll be the founder of a new iSpot community:

I bet the SNP aren’t too happy!

Hot air really
We have no real trade links with Norway which is the most expensive county in Europe for just about everything and we’d lose the Tesco Store (for Matkroken)
I’d be happy with Norway if my Pension is linked to their 1,689 EUR per month
I wonder if Mr Stockan has asked ‘Norway’ if they’d like us.
And if so, how might we then stop the rest of the UK wanting to live here?
Honest though, it’s horrible here

I suspected as much.
There was an English farmer (I think, land-owner anyway) who - back in the 1960s - declared independence, and refused to pay tax or rates as a result. Nowadays, people just dodge the bailiffs…

One could always go the Peter Griffin route and create their own sovereign nation. Don’t know if ‘Derekua’ would have the same ring as ‘Petirua’ though :rofl:

Wondering about Orkney as sovereign nation, perhaps joining the small islands group although not sure there are enough people there for all the admin this would require on top of actually growing things and doing all the other jobs.

If you put Orkney and Shetland together the combined population lies half way between that of Gibraltar and that of the Isle of Man. (The Faroes have a population similar to the Isle of Man.) Even indiividually Orkney and Shetland have populations larger than some of the island nations in the Pacific.