Photo comp - why not?

We have some lovely photos on iSpot and think many are worthy of this competition. Closing date August 16th.
I was alerted to it by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Bulletin.

Interesting that this competition like so many others is run by the marketing dept at FSC and that there are so many consent forms to fill in

You’re right, of course and I hadn’t actually looked at those forms.

Loads of ‘photo competitions’ have got a bad name due to you giving up all or most of the rights to your image, having to pay quite a lot to enter and having virtually no chance of winning (and the winnings are only a tiny fraction of the total collected from those who enter) basically they are moneymaking exercise for the organisers.

I would not put the FSC competition in this category but always need to check carefully t&c and ask why the competition is being run, who the judges are(not listed on the FSC competition?) and if the prizes are actually worth it.

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Also, check what the “Ferengi print” (t & c) states in terms of the confidentiality of your personal information. Anyone who has responded to those “tell us what you thought and you could win…” offers on receipts and feedback forms will be aware of the issues.

Ta! I won’t be submitting anything and it’s just as well I put this in the forum, otherwise I might well have!

Please be aware that I am not suggesting anything untoward in this competition. But scams are becoming more and more sophisticated.
iSpot isn’t the place to discuss it, but I am getting many of these -
“missed parcel delivery - charge for 2nd attempt”,
“you missed a call from me [premium rate number or website]”,
“covid tracking alert [ditto]”
and others.
Be wary. It’s why I prefer dogs (and wildlife) to people.

actually a slightly lower life form. I believe you might prefer Odonata to Dogs, as friendly as they are, they can’t actually be trusted when left to themselves. Dragonflies are safe but I wish I could find one!