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Photo not uploading

Yes, is currently an issue in Orkney

Message sent to Admin
Last Upload 02.16 this morning…(NOT be me!)

Thanks. All sorted now.

Just me? Or is everything loading badly this afternoon?
Long waits for pictures to load. Other Obs display and thumbnails are OK

I sometimes have problems when there may be more traffic on the site, but generally I can complete the post by starting again -
However tonight (in London) this is the error message I’m getting:
There was a problem uploading an image:
Invalid file, the file you uploaded is not supported by iSpot
I’ll try again later tonight/this morning
Thus is the ERROR message - hope someone knows what it all means


06/02/2020 01:04
Tried uploading an image that had been successfully posted previously - still getting ERROR message.

Yes, I still think there is an overall sluggishness to the site and an occasional reluctance to display photos properly. My download speeds have not changed and other websites behave normally. The comment above (thanks) does suggest the site is sometimes misbehaving. I am having REAL trouble this morning bringing in photos from some (not all) observations. I have refreshed this half a dozen times, it will not come in at all but the one next door, in Other Obs, comes in quickly.

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Some photos appear to be ‘sticky’ even in Gallery view. This is after 5 minutes waiting - the full thumbnails showing were immediate

I have asked system people about this current issue, no response yet but previously they have said site slowdowns are usually due to backup scripts being run. Can’t remember why this (backup) sometimes happens during the day rather than in the early hours.

Thanks for the feedback Mike

system people have looked into the issue and resolved it so this particular problem should not happen again, it was to do with backups but not the issue that normally causes slowdowns.

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Running well at 9pm… thanks