Plants of Namibia

An interesting site which I think will be useful to iSpotters

The aim of this webpage is to provide a comprehensive updatable working list of Namibia’s indigenous flora and collate plant species information scattered in various publications and other resources like unpublished reports. It will also incorporate the extensive records and information collected by one of Namibia’s early and longest-serving botanists, Mr Willy Giess, that is in our possession, as well as our own data that has been assembled for over 30 years.

At the moment I’m struggling to navigate it.

Looks very good but I tried a simple search for Compositae and got lost!
Petalidium worked OK.
Wish I was a paid travelling Botanist
One for Orkney would be nice!

A great database, but not an easy one to search.
BUT if you’re bored, at any time, I got there looking for info on the Asteraceae Didtelta,
Just a few to look at but I got really confused by experts on iSpot and elsewhere.
So I’ve added a tag ‘myDidelta’ to my observations.
It’s the vars that have caused the confusion.

This one’s easy when checking FERNKLOOF, but they ignore the var,

BUT one can’t assume that the var is carnosa, carmosa and that’s where many have come unstuck, I think.
Judd Kirkel set me right, when I though the one with spiny flowers was
Didelta spinosa

I don’t have Didelta spinosa, but the Namibian site has pictures of its leaves and also a description of
Didelta carnos v, carmosa

Stop Press LATE NIGHT SPECIAL _ I’ve just found the PZA link to Didelta spinosa and see the spines on the leaves Didelta spinosa | PlantZAfrica

If I’ve got this right should iSpot attempt to correct our observations? Might be a nice group project.
Many will have been migrated elsewhere, but not for us to correct.
Your thoughts?

Recently, the Dutch lady whose YouTube channel is called “Itchy Boots” has ridden through Namibia. There’s not too much about the botany, but one episode introduces a remarkable species - Only one plant can grow here. EXTREME NAMIBIA! 🌋 [S5 - Eps. 53] - YouTube


Have only listened to a bit, Amadan - I stopped at the Lichens.
I would probably have spent hours there - it’s the fog that the lichens need to survive.
My project, the main focus being to try to find out more about Lichens - the days taken at a Snail’s Pace - such an experience.

And so much I’m yet to learn…

Thanks for that link Amadan. Inspiring style and Country