Plants of the greater cape floristic region

2: The Extra Cape Flora D.A. Snijman (Editor)

Citing this publication
SNIJMAN, D.A. (ed.). 2013. Plants of the Greater Cape Floristic Region, Vol. 2: the Extra Cape flora. Strelitzia 30. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

@miked This covers the areas omitted in Strelitzia 29 (2012) and is probably complimented by the Guide Wildflowers of Namaqualand - Fourth Edition (2015)

Some basics
Page 1 - The Greater Cape Floristic Region: The Extra Cape Subregion Introduction
Go to text page 3 for the Map of the regions (ecogeographical units) covered.

This is just my introduction Mike - Still have lots to read but think it may be useful for anyone who needs to update dictionaries.