Popular autistic activists and Wildlife Conservation

I have been doing research on my Wildlife holidays so I decided to watch documentarys about spain and Greece amd Cyprus but while doing so I found some films and came across a documentary about an Autistic activist called Greta who influences young people to take action on Climate Change and I came across another autistic person and another one aswell and I found it very interesting

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Ms Thunberg is one of my heroes. And not only for her activism: someone who makes Donny Trump that cross is to be lauded (see if you can find old press photos of the two of them in the same room).


Ditto that, Amadan!
And I’m adding have a nice day to all readers - I mean it even though it’s due to the initial insufficient characters…

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I found more articles on famous Autistic activists on Wildlife and conservation.

I dont know weather you have seen the documentary or not but she has done a documentary called a year to Change the world I wondered weather anyone might be interested in it

segment where she meets David Atenbrough for the first time

I havnt seen it yet but Iv just found out about it. Iv seen I am Greta though and one of the best speeches is the one where she made headlines my favourate part of the speech is when she made headlines saying they need listen to the science and change is coming weather you like it or not she said in a documentary that she wants them to acept climatw change is real rather than call it a hoax like Donald Trump and think its made up and act now while we can rather than wait for the future to act. it took time but people started to become aware and face the facts and gradualy acept climate change is a real thing once people started to listen to science and the evidance all around them and that it is in fact real and it is happening

this is a clip of the speech from i am Greta

this is the documentary I saw after I am Greta

I thought I would send it since some people like Greta. cause some people like Greta I thought people would be interested since its about Greta but if no one is interested in the videos and clips I sent I could remove them if that would be preferable. i only added them in case they are interesting

I hope you found the 2 articles
interesting though that I sent yesterday

It’s good of you to add the vids, Zo. I haven’t watched them as Greta has been in the news for several years since starting her climate crisis protests outside her school when she was quite a bit younger and I know a lot about her. I suspect many iSpotters have already seen similar. Glad to know that you found her as well!

thanks. I dont usualy see or hear about Autistic people like me unless I come across it by co incidence. I dont usualy watch news unless it is fact checked and it is related to my speacial interests as for radio I dont like the radio cause they play same thing you already know over and over for a long time before changeing and cause it doesnt have thr same taste in music as me. Im more into Nature, Wildlife, and songs like pokemon. im not interested in popular music most people listen to. but also cause I find it too noisy or too loud cause of my hypersensitive hearing. . which makes the radio it diffucult with my family or others same with tv cause i have it at 8 or 9 which is low. I allways have my device on low aswell as tv. if the radio comes on by itself I can hear it even if its so low no one can hear it at all and hence not know it came on. it is one of my strengths though cause I can hear things most people cant and i find it is very handy in bird watching. since some birds can be too quiet for people to hear and there are even species that call abouve, under, or out of the range of the typical hearing range.

I used to only know about David Atenbrough and only watch David Atenbrough. I heard about Chris Packham cause my parents got me a book by Chris packham who I decided to find out about and discovered was autistic like me I started watching some of his documentarys then. this year I found out about Gretta only cause I was looking at documentarys about different countrys. this made me wonder weather there are any other autistic activists aswell so I thought i would have a look.

Chris Packham’s autobiography is called Fingers in the Sparkle Jar and is well worth a read. If you are ambivalent about him now, I think you will end up on his side.

The conservation charity he helped to set up, Wild Justice, has just been given the Birdwatch magazine Conservation Hero of the Year award. I urge you to sign up for the Wild Justice newsletters. It is a tiny charity punching well above its weight on issues most conservation charities don’t get involved with.

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