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There is a useful project, curated by Derek about the impact of AI on iSpot. But my comment here is not entirely relevant - and in any case, Derek is doing a rethink.
I came across an interesting example just now of the use of technology in conservation. A free seminar on ‘Can Satellite Image Data be used for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)?’
See Can Satellite Imagery Data Be Used For Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)? Tickets, Wed 15 Nov 2023 at 10:30 | Eventbrite

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I have seen a number of somewhat similar things and always had the question of whether commercial companies are jumping on a bandwagon and some years later it may be seen of little or no use once there has been a proper assessment of biodiversty net gain. But this is not a reason to avoid going to the event and seeing if the system looks reasonable.

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The RSPB use satellites for conservation

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Plus NASA uses satelite imagery for Conservation aswell


Thanks, it is interesting. I reads like it is maybe just for bird monitoring, but maybe it’s monitoring more broadly.

Thats ok. I have added another link aswell in case that might be interesting too. Its not just birds but also the Nature, Wildlife and the climate aswell

Another example

In spite of the titles the main content is about How there useing the satalite data

NASA has something where you can see satalite imagery of the earth near real time as it is now

It is certainly obvious that NASA is useing satalite data to contribute to conservation of Wildlife, nature, and our climate and not just for birds specificaly

Those are interesting examples of satelite imagery being used for biodiversity. satalite imagery is being used for biodiversity by NASA aswell as the RSPB

for NASA it’s more than just about useing satalite imagery for things like birds and biodiversity in conservation but things that affect Wildlife, Nature and the climate for conservation purposes and making it accessible for people to use for Biodiversity and conservation aswell back down on earth

Thanks - I’ve posted the link to folk who have birding links in Africa
Memories of birdwatching at Kraalbaai and Churchhven over the years.
Also Friends of Rondebosch Common who posted some amazing bird shots on their Facebook Page.

Thats ok. Thats good you found it interesting

Some great research there, Zo! Perhaps that’s a field you’ll get into one day??!!

Thanks. What do you mean by perhaps that’s a field youl get into one day do you mean like a job in that field or do you mean as a long term hobby in that field or something?

I hope I’m not being presumptuous but I could see you finding employment in that area of research - it’s certainly needed.

Actually with so much satellite and aerial imagery becoming available there are things that citizen scientists can do even without being employed. However you often have to be able to do some GIS analysis so need to learn that. Both the imagery and GIS programs can be free.

I’m sure that drones are being used… They’d be ideal for counting seabird colonies on remote cliffs.

Imagine how a drone might do close to a tern (or Skua) colony

lots on YouTube