Posts disappearing from UK Species lists

This was Haliclona oculata, & when I looked for an old post using 1st the search box & then the species dictionary, , it wasn’t there, & I had to look through my posts to find it.
Nevertheless it did have a likely ID as H. oculata,& there were 2 more H. oculatas in the other observations. (I checked & now if you ID a post as H. oculata it doesn’t get a likely ID)
So I had to re-identify it as Haliclona (Haliclona) oculata to get it in the lists
(NB that means the wikipedia & Enc of life links don’t work).
But having done that the 2 other H. oculatas were now totally lost, ie there’d be no way to find them on ispot- except from my history, so

How many other posts have been lost similarly by this change to trinomials, & why abandon the binomials as it’s the genus & species that identifies the creature?

This is a little confusing and may be sinister
the Species Browser says one, but there are probably three Haliclona (Haliclona) oculata. One is 2015 and was originally ID’d as Tri nominal. this suggest they were BOTH in the drop-down in that period
BUT Likely CAN be shifted to the bi-nominal. I have just ‘done’ it here
If the bi-nominal is failing (it’s no longer in the Drop-down), this suggest a Dictionary Update since the dreaded Recode. IF that is the case we need to apply some caution when IDing @miked

More Confusion
NB none of these 3 were originally ID’d as trinomials; they were all binomial likely IDs. It was only just before this post that I added the trinomial to both my Haliclona Oculata (which switched likely to the new ID despite your agreement to the other, & at same time added a trinomial to the 3rd, ‘sponge’
What’s odd is that your switching agreement back to the binomial switched mine back (& hopefully you’ll switch to the trinomial anon)