Previously-entered locations

I think I’m being obtuse, but I can’t work out how to “recall” a previously-entered location. I’ve posted several observations from the same site, but have had to re-enter the location each time.

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This is now broken.
Logged as a bug
But no one is looking at our bugs list …

I agree. I visit the same sites many times and it saved a lot of time, as well as potentially avoiding errors/

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But no one is looking at our bugs list
We desperately need someone from the ‘Development’ Team to prove their existence and interest HERE; otherwise we might just as well clog up the UK Curator’s inbox here

I guess something has happened as my location was recalled when I entered the name while posting an ob this evening, well not immediately I got as far as putting in the nearest town in preparation of tweaking the map and there was my location marker sitting in the correct place. I suspect it was just a time lapse and nothing to do with entering the town name but it certainly remembered the location by name

Was this not your default location from when you told iSpot to remember your location? Your PC location?

Ahhh, is that why iSpot wanted to chat up my computer.

useful if one makes all ones observations in the one place.

But if one was to become a multiple user eg Tuli GN, Tuli Riversley, Tuli backline, etc then it would be of help (would upset the site statistics a bit perhaps) then one could use projects (in yet another user name) to reunite ones far flung obs. - it would be easier if they just tweaked the location gathering thingy though.

multiple user: but you would need multiple email addresses and passwords and your stats would be divided. Why would you do that?

Is this a workaround for not having to fill in your locations each time? Seems like it is far more effort than it is worth.
Let us just get them to fix the site and give us back this functionality.

it certainly would be a lot of unnecessary work but so is entering all the location data every time, I was not seriously suggesting this workaround just stirring the pot out of frustration

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Geotagging the pictures with a £2 phone app seems to work.