Problem with lists of observations of more than one page

I quite often use the ‘Observations list’ or ‘Species dictionary’ filters to find lists of organisms I want to look at. If there’s more than one page of observations, it seems that sometimes I can’t move beyond page 1. So for example I just used the Species dictionary to show me all the observations of December Moth (Poecilocampa | Species Dictionary | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature) and it indicates that there is more than one page but I can’t access page 2. Any ideas?
Also I noticed today that the Quiz function seems to be broken, although I don’t suppose anyone is going to be hugely concerned about that!

You have described the Bug that @miked is investigating - only displaying one page.
It is tied in with the display of Other Observations which display ONLY the most recent 49 (7x7 grid) of Other Obs.
To view ALL observations use the Community Filter in Explore Community.
If there is a large number then the Map needs refreshing (1000 at a time) but the Gallery view shows every observation and so you can cycle through them.
You can cleverly go to any page in the gallery by (perilously!) changing this number (in the URL)

Thanks very much Derek. I wondered if it had already been identified as an issue. I will try your suggestions!

This is excellent, thanks both. I was looking at a taxon earlier and, yet again, wondered why I was in the same situation as Sarah describes.
Thanks for the suggestion, Derek. I’ll try it next time. M

I’m not able to reproduce this problem. Whether you have a filter applied or not, both list and gallery views of Observations seem to page correctly. Can anyone be more specific of the conditions that are causing the pager to break? Is it down to a particular browser?

Ah! Do you perhaps mean the « prev and next » links that are part of the image carousel at the bottom of any given Species Dictionary entry? If so, there is a limit to the number of images it retrieves - you’ll never get more than two “pages” of them - 12 of the most recent observations.

Hi Chris - no, it’s not to do with the prev/next links under the ‘other obs’ carousel. I know that those will only show a certain number of the most recent observations. The error happens when I try to view a list of observations via iSpot’s taxonomy. For example, I have just tried with this observation of mine: Thirsty siskins | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
If I click on ‘Carduelis’ in my ID panel it takes me here: Carduelis | Species Dictionary | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
If I now click on the ‘Observations’ tab, I can’t get past page 1. If I click on ‘next’ (top or bottom), it briefly looks as if it’s going to move to page 2. I can see the ‘2’, with the ‘first’, ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons greyed out, but as soon as it stops buffering it reverts to page 1.
Does that help?
From ‘Explore Community - Observations List’ it seems to work fine, however.

There are 467 observations of the Linnet

Yep - I’m now seeing exactly what you mean - the pager itself changes but then when it tries to load a second page, it actually loads the first page and resets the pager to page 1. Definitely a bug! I’ll add it to the bug reports.

Well done for persistence, Sarah and Derek - and for responding, Chris. It is an annoying thing and seems to have been around a while.

I’ve found the bug and the fix has been deployed to the new dictionary test server for testing.

Oh yes, not bad! The tides are a bit wrong timewise for me next week…can you fix THAT Chris?

That issue is back @Chris_Valentine Nectria | Species Dictionary | UK and Ireland | Observations | Page 1 | iSpot Nature
Try to progress here to the Next Page - there are 162 Observations

The fix hasn’t been deployed to the live server yet - but it will be next week.