Problem with "Other Observations"

Someone else may have discovered this, but I’m afraid reading through all the problems already identified might take the rest of my lifetime.

I uploaded a new observation:

I clicked on the first of the other observations listed and got this:, which resolved into an error message.

The second listed observation led to another error message, in some way related to a Zambian giraffe:

Clicking on the third observation did lead to a previous observation, prickly, but hardly in the same league:

The last three observations worked properly.

NOne of the carousels is working properly. Due to a coding error they are partially uploading the observation 2 to the right instead of the one you pressed. But if that observation is in a different community, then you get the 400 error message, because the community = uksi part of the url is wrong.
A stupid system of naming and a simple bug that should have taken 2 minutes to fix but has been on here for nearly a month.
Enough: I am out of here …

See you on iNaturalist.