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Very much tongue-in-cheek and to get the plea onto the iSpot front page, I created a project titled “iSPOT ADMIN - please keep us informed” with a request in the description politely expanding on that.

I guess the site admins have seen this as the project appears to have been removed: I expected as much so no problem there. I’m disappointed that my plea doesn’t seem to have been acted on: there is still silence from those in charge of the site about what they are doing to rectify all the reported bugs (Tony Rebelo has recorded over 500 of them) and to return the functionality that has been missing since the introduction of the new site.

Perhaps worse is that I’ve not received any notification of the project’s removal. No explanation of why they’ve done it, no telling off for having the temerity to ask the question publically, nothing.

All I - and, as far as I can tell, a lot of other iSpotters - want is to be kept up to date with what’s happening. iSpot Admins: please keep us informed!


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I would hope, in these cases, someone from Admin would contact Authors of ‘offensive’ posts and Projects.
I placed a comment in that project and do NOT like my comments removed without knowing WHY, @miked
I can guess of course - so we must balance patience against frustration and do nothing to make matters worse. That is obviously possible, despite the current depth of ‘difficulties’.


We’re singing from the same hymn sheet here. All we are looking for is a dialogue with the iSpot team so that we can all work together to bring iSpot back up to what it was and, hopefully, beyond.

Do you remember a time a couple of years ago when we got regular updates from, iirc, Martin Harvey? During that time I don’t recall any negative comments from users. I think there’s a useful lesson there.


And before that Richard G used to post regular updates as to what was being done. But that was when iSpot had a programmer dealing with it.
These were most useful and Richard G not only acted on suggestions, he often asked for advice and opinions. Can you imagine?

I see the new IT page for updates has two entries for 2017. Compared to Richard G.'s weekly updates for iSpot.

I see I was tagged here but not guilty of removing the post. Will ask who removed it and why.

Thanks. It was quite obviously tongue-in-cheek and not spiteful
I think a few points might emerge here -
we should not make matters worse but we don’t know where that boundary is, if it exists. Even primary children get told WHY not to be to ‘pushy’. My Mum used to say “Dad and I are doing our best but…”
If someone DID take it down, then it means they are watching so, can we have some honest appraisal of the whole situation. Everyone KNOWS we are hanging on in the dark here and we cannot hold our breath much longer without exploding.

Will try to dig a bit further as the only admin person that I can see was logged in recently said they did not remove it. As you know the system itself removed some of the iNat postings at it deemed them advertising and spam, that was nothing to do with any human admin. I wonder if the system is getting too intelligent for its own good and removing other postings.

Scuse me…I think you might need to, er…rephrase that.
But yes it would be good to know if there is a higher cyber-authority.
See Bugs Alphabetical C
I MUST say that ‘Cross-linking’ is very powerful and fast here.

If iSpot becomes SkyNet we should all worry.

Presumably it is possible for a admin to intervene and over-ride the automatic decisions of the system in matters like that?

two interesting things… I inadvertantly removed a comment from the Forum two days ago. I was immediately and automatically given the opportunity to reinstate it. I did not because I had begun the comment again. Interesting I still had the opportunity to reinstate it a day later but that opportunity has now expired - clever.
And this came, from an Admin during another discourse elsewhere - "You may see that your global project has vanished. I reported it as inappropriate just to test the system (and make sure items had not been broken in the latest update) but then unfortunately found that I can’t get to the admin part of the approval site to say that the project is actually fine so it should reappear again.
I think all the people who know about how to get in to that bit of the site are now on holiday for a week or two.
Shows how things sometimes work.