Putsonderwater - Northern Cape

For those who will never have the opportunity (privilege) to visit the Northern Cape this is an unusual video.

Putsonderwater is an abandoned settlement in!Kheis Local Municipality in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. It is located on the R383 road from Kenhardt to Marydale. Translated from Afrikaans, the name means “well without water”. Wikipedia
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Hope you enjoy the visit.

This blog has more on the Weavers and plants seen in the video.

Incredible, both the video and the observation, thanks!
I looked at the YouTube comments and someone wrote a month ago that one family still lived there!

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I’m glad I watched in the afternoon and not after dark… suitably creepy music.
By the railway line are posts with thatches on top. Are theset he Weavers?

Yes the weavers are rather special - they were mentioned with better pictures in the blog…

I read the wikipedia Sociable weaver - Wikipedia
Always a pleasure to learn more. Thanks.

I think we are really fortunate to have jSpot. I’ve learned so much from other folks observations. So different from Facebook where one only gets pretty pictures and frequently no follow up

I’ve seen those sociable weavers on posts but suspect not posted on ispot as was in middle of nowhere on dirt road so did not have a good location to set.

I know how you feel about location - I never knew where I was on our trip to the northern Cape.
Managed to work out the basic roads - but often we went of the beaten track - so I’ve sorted my pics by date, and time of the stop - Africa is ‘magical’ .
I think I saw them from the train - there used to be a train from Cape Town Station that ran right up north to cross the border to then-Rhodesia - at Plumtree I must check sometime - we needed to change at Bulawayo to go on to Salisbury (Harare)