Question about photos and videos of us out in nature or interacting with it

can we send photos or videos of us out in nature or interacting with it? for instance I have a photo of me sitting next to a Robin have from a few years ago of me sitting next to a robin at daniels brook I also have photos of me helping wildlife or standing next to things like bees, butterflys and birds amd today i been doing some training and I have a video of me running and in the video a bird flys past with a blackbird calling in the background

so does anyone know the answer to my question?

I don’t - hopefully an administrator will, assuming they venture into the backwoods of the Forum.

I was talking about I spot nature rather than the forum mostly.

There are occasionally images with people and wildlife but usually sampling or similar. Derek has a tag that collects examples of them.

I think the short answer to Zo’s question is ‘yes’. But I’ve forgotten which tag Derek recommends. I’ve seen several such postings over the last few years since I became as member.

Zo - I was advised to never share my photo to the public. Looked this up - what do you think?

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That’s a helpful link thank you, although it makes me so sad that we have to be so careful because there are some people who would do such things.

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You can pixilate your face, I suppose.

Derek uses his work&play tag to gather relevant observations, here is the link: Work&Play Observations (*Temporary)
Is a filtered list based on a tag.
Many observations do not show faces but some do.

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I am very wary about having my face online. Too many bad experiences of how the internet works! Why would your want your face, rather than a hand / ‘group gathering over a small creature’ image here?

ok. thank you Miked.

thanks for the link but I dont mind my photos taken or anything like that. have even been publicised on a few occasions. one when I was 9 or 10 as a entrant in a magazine with my sister. another when I was 12 at secondary school to do with a project in Greatwood and have also been interviewed about a personal story to do with a rare diagnosis and contributing to a cause for it. and therefore also been published into a clubs newspaper from a club that I used to go to for people with the diagnosis that I have. I have been to a NHS conference for people with learning disabilities and other disorders and was told what to say for it. but is also a event where you can do sport and other things a few years ago.

I will be going to a club after holidays and for training and competions have given them permission on a form for joining the club that they have permission to take pictures film and/ or publicise if they were to want to do.

but unlike that im on about interacting with wildlife and not mainly being of me. just me interacting with wildlife and my face doesnt have to even be visible or identifiable for me to send photos or video interacting with wildlife so that can be easily avoided if or when nesacery anyway regardless and it would be a shame if I didn’t cause you are always interacting with wildlife and they are always interacting with us as a result regardless of what are interests and experiences are and that is easy for people to forget.

so sending photos and videos of interacting with wildlife both directly and indirectly is also a good reminder cause its easy to forget this is the case for people of all ages no matter how young or old you are both directly and in directly. im old enough to join the forum but im still young so I make the most of it. every time I practice and train Wildlife will always be there but in combination with that I also am a wildlife photographer so I also do that too and sometimes people take pictures of me next to a species of wildlife (or) interacting or helping it in someway cause aswell as taking photos of wildlife in there natural environment I also do that too. I dont mind if my face in a photo but my face isnt nesacerily the priority and it doesnt have to be in a photo to have a scene with me interacting with wildlife so dont worry

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thanks for the link HB1

People do do that for people who wish not to be identified or people might blur there faces if they wish not to be identified aswell

I wouldnt mind personally but thats just me

but that sugestion is something I could do if that would be best on i spot nature

something like the project in HB1 is what I was on about but of the occasional photos people take or film of me interacting with wildlife while growing in another hobby directly or indirectly and also when im just when im engaging in wildlife watching.

for me when it comes to drawing Learn from birds themselves rather than relying on photographs.

the birds are great teachers for me. I got a good memory and can remember interesting facts without having to read a book or use anything else for reference and teach people I know even people who arnt interested and with those who arnt interested I somehow spark an interest in them in the facts I tell them and sometimes even make them want to look it up. a lot of things I know arnt just from now but even come from as far back as 2019 wildlife wise, as for other interests ever since childhood when those interests began.

cause im very visual person. unless its something I havnt seen before or im still learning or havnt quet learned yet I can tell people the majority of what wildlife iv seen whenever I go out from plants to insects to birds etc I never go on the internet or read books or anything its just me and my camara and point everything out that I see.

I find lots of enjoyment in spending time with birds and other wildlife cause there’s a lot of things they can teach you. I draw after I see them sometimes there’s a very long gap even weeks and sometimes not until I draw them. other times I draw right away after they leave and even though im very good at drawing every time I learn how to draw them better each time with each interaction and memorys that form as a result if it wasnt for them and my memories I recall of them. they sometimes give me ideas of things after interactions. I also learn interesting things I didn’t know just by observing them too they sometimes

there is another hobby I will be engaging in after holidays im training and even changing my diet cause I have a very restricted diet to have more portions of food- but only with vegetarian portions no meat.

to hopefuly reach competitive level even though im very fast to take part in competitions. not just cause im vegetarian but also cause its part of my autism and the sport is an outdoor activity so it will mainly be outdoors.

  • I only became vegetarian in 2020 - the year after my interest in wildlife started. so my interest in wildlife also influenced my diet and changed my diet. I also want to help living things that means people and wildlife and help make the world a better place for everyone - people (and) wildlife

any hobby can involve wildlife weather wildlife related or not and become wildlife related and im very good at doing that. I have other hobbies besides the few I mentioned but even then wildlife creeps in in one form or another and I grow from interacting with such even when im not thinking about it or even conscious of it.

I think it’s a matter of personal choice whether you want your photo to appear on the net or not. In my case, I’m already out there on various websites and I’ve never had any problems as a result. But some people may be more at risk so @Eco21st’s approach is probably right for many people.