Quizzes not working...and need to be fixed

Still appear not to be functioning. Not an issue for me (I expect to use ISpot for life now), but newbies are going to find it bewildering/irritating not to say off-putting. Just tried Plants : Expert. First image was Persicaria bistorta which I got correct. Second image was also Persicaria bistorta although ISpot claimed it was grey poplar (sigh). Think this issue is also raised in @dejayM 's “Improvements Requested” Improvements requested. @miked, @Janice_A, we really need to start making progress on all these issues.

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Previous discussion at Quizes (oddities) and etc. @Janice_A

YES! Com’on Admins give us some support.

There is a huge number of new people signing up and many are confused - see recent projects for example.