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Getting Ispot back to what it should be. A site where we enjoy and share interesting observations.

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Southern Africa Community - Spikey Runner by LutherAdams. First observation of Somaticus spinosus on Ispot. https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/observation/731792/spikey-runner

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Yes, and SUCH a good (enlargeable) picture too. Oh for the pleasure to come (again)

Agree, it is OB’s like this, be they from any where in the world, together with interaction with others, that keep us on Ispot.

Mysterious Ecuadorian eel-like creature?

(unless it’s a hoax) Extremely short for an eel, some have a similar snowflake pattern, but none the rounded head, & none the teardrop eye
NB I was surprised when this came out as a picture not a link! (you can click on it)
(& nearly all fish have the same ‘button’ eyes

I’d have to say that if it is not a beautiful carving or a child’s toy then it has to be a nudi. But goodness it’s both lovely and intriguing.
Note that it is 2 feet long! but who knows what this would look like washed up http://www.centralcoastbiodiversity.org/striped-nudibranch-bull-armina-californica.html other than much smaller!
Interesting, isn’t it? This is how iSpot used to work, you posted something, someone else commented and you get a Flag then responded. Eventually we would agree on an ID.
Oh and this comment is edited five times!
OUT with the New in with the Old!

Interesting little guy, but don’t have a clue

Painted to be an Ant:

Brilliant see http://www.ngkenya.com/inverts/tettigoniidae-01.html
You see - Bad Times yes, good Observations definitely! and thanks from my Gripe Agreement @Tony_Rebelo

Really extraordinary; & apparently is an instar/nymph. There’s a very similar, hairy example in https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/a-remarkable-case-of-mimicry-katydid-nymph-mimics-ant/ a Eurycorypha species mimicking a Polyrachis ant, Mozambique
But it seems it’s widespread eg http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/1008136005 from java (& they suggest possibly Phaneropterinae.)
But best yet http://wtfentomology.org/ at Tembe elephant park which looks virtually identical & ‘from the genus Eurycorypha’, & also suggests they can ‘live among the ants’ etc

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The reason why we should photo and post even seemingly common and mundane beetles.
This little guy looked like a “common-garden Christmas beetle” but lo and behold it’s not!!!
It is an endemic to Africa “Sand-loving scarab” family Ochodaeidae and a first on Ispot thanks to “the beetledude”

I wonder whether it is better here or here? :: https://www.facebook.com/iSpotNatureZA/

No matter: I will transfer these to the Facebook site.