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This must be more sophisticated or complex than I realised! Currently (and - perhaps - forever… ) I have a 3-star invertebrate rating. Mostly that’s based upon my previous history of reviewing hundreds of caddisflies and stoneflies, I believe. Anyway, I’ve just started reviewing the non-biting midges of the Chironomidae (few of which are identified beyond family on iSpot) and notice that I have no power to move the banner from the family to genus or species, irrespective of whether the existing banner is, say, a 2- or 3- or 4-star invertebrate rating. It’s like I’m starting all over again on iSpot with no invertebrate rating because I have no extensive Chironomidae track record (just two unidentifieds previously moved to the family level). It’s a little disheartening not to be able to move the banner. There aren’t that many Chironomidae observations on iSpot so I have the impression that I shalln’t ever be able to shift a banner, because I won’t be able to accumulate enough credit. One observation wasn’t even a Chironomid but an Asilid, yet it remains in the Chironomidae.

I DO think you need to be patient over this issue.
Look here and add items to try to elicit support

Few people have helped clear this very FIRST one which has, like THOUSANDS of others, an Invalid banner
YOU can shift it! Out of 21 visits only 3 have responded.

It is not that I am impatient, I think, but that being unable to shift the banner in this way i) is disheartening and makes me less inclined to put in the effort and ii) makes me realise how complex the reputational algorithm must be, to the point, on some occasions at least, of being counter-productive.
For example, look at this:

I am not an expert but there’s nothing about this fly that says Chironomidae. The original observation is from a 2-star invertebrate observer who only claims “It might be this”; I have 3 stars but my (I believe) perfectly accurate ID shifting the Diptera family has no influence. I don’t understand the rationale in that.

And I wasn’t able to shift the Nomada bee…

Thanks to those who kindly helped shift the banner on the Asilid.