Shifting Banners

Could we add Observations here where the Likely banner needs shiFting?

An unfortunate typo…

This SA Moth larva is in the UK Inverts Without a Likely ID project. Can anyone shift the Location???

Agreements needed to shift Likely/ Change group.

Weighting waits
iSpot has just handed me, via a clever search, over 2000 Observations with the Likely Banner stuck in an Incomplete panel. Mosty invertebrates and few with a simple fix
The weight of agreements is overwhelming in some
is typical. another Another (to illustrate the task)
But you will see more in the coming weeks.
PLEASE consider carefully before adding agreements to incomplete Panels. Please exhaust the alternatives - a misspell, a Synonym, or simply iSpot’s refusal to latch. Search the whole site for both names (common and Sc.) for possible solutions, see if it’s in the Drop-down before getting committed…
Adding ‘sympathy agreements’ is fine but please make certain that you do not shift the banner from the Complete Panel - example here

A few more (if you can please)
…the Likely banner locked in the Incomplete ID Panel…
"It is best not to add agreements to incomplete Panels" (see comment)

Basically more agreements are needed to the identification that is shown with the full panel. The reason is usually that there are one or two ‘heavyweights’ who agreed to the identification that does not have a full panel, this is often a historic issue and those heavyweight experts (that have lots of reputation) may have not checked back to see the same identification with the full panel and realise what the problem is.

On old iSpot of course an incomplete ID still gave a link (assuming they used the ‘right’ vernacular name) and gave some reputation points to the often new user who created it so agreeing with such instead of (or as well as) adding a correct scientific name ID felt like a good thing to do to encourage new users.

Recently it seems that some of the ‘expertise’ icons have not been showing up beside the user’s name and this may cause confusion as it may not be clear how much reputation they are giving when suggesting an ID or agreeing with an existing ID. If you notice this then let me know and paste in the url so I can check it. I noticed my own amphibian and reptile expertise was not showing so I re-set it and now it does seem to be working, if I have some more examples then I can try resetting these as well to see if it cures the issue. Even if the icons are not showing the reputation score for the person is actually applied.

Please note that not all the Banners have yet been shifted in ‘a few more’ above
I am loath to keep adding them, but correcting the Panel is not worthwhile if we cannot shift the Banner.
I can promise you all it is not just a matter of copying an existing ID (comment)
There were 2400 of these when we began.
2304 to go!
Six more then (I realise that not every visitor CAN agee)
Best left alone below

I thought I might be able to help with the two newt posts, but does the recently suggested genus of Triturus still include palmate & smooth newts? I ask because Wikipedia suggests otherwise.

Thanks Jo
I changed one this afternoon and forgot the other.
The drop-down for plain newt is Triturus (old name), no excuse though!

Not a valid ID
Not in any Other Observations
None of its own
Not found in a search
Not seen by anyone
There are 821 Other Observations anyway
I wonder whether it matters?
2295 to go…

Invalid Peacocks
2289 to go

This really needs validating - PLEASE (please read my comment)

2228 invalid IDs prior to 2011 still to be done - all with powerful agreements
3 April - ONLY HB has agreed out of 8 visits - seems a hopeless task

Another way to help…Is by looking to see if you added an agreement to the initial incomplete panel. If so, removing it will assist us to shift the likely banner. Many thanks.

An easy one (please?)


RED ADMIRAL and DUNTER… Please IF you go to agree, remove your old agreements. Please.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to have a curator correct spelling errors?

Then, maybe not, as the happy crew seemed to see a Red Admiral as a Red Admiral and did not much care for the intricacies of Latin [Alatanta]. The current Curator (I cannot speak for him of course) is about to promise he will gently intervene when people begin to pile agreements into Invalid IDs - isn’t he?