Regarding recycling old projects

How do I delete the old comments, please, in anticipation of recycling a completed project?
I recall reading something to do with this through mention of the ‘Report inappropriate comment’ button but I can’t find that comment now.

When you are logged in, every comment and ID has a Report content as inappropriate ‘button’
You need to specify WHY you are inappropriating. It disappears immediately but goes to the Curator for approval. Sometimes, rarely I have found, it is overruled (comes back). Do it with due consideration, it is not easy to reverse.
I think the Curator (Miked) finds it a chore IF we do a lot at a time, so be understanding (on his behalf!).

For recycling project Comments, (perfectly legitimate), just enter Recycling as the reason.
The only Admin note I can find is here where the link to Terms is broken @miked
Terms are here - - nearly 22 thousand reads, surprisingly!

Fully clear, thanks very much, Derek.

You don’t have to delete/recycle projects once ‘completed’ as some or indeed most of the projects continue to be relevant. The comments also continue to be useful from a citizen science point of view (higher levels of admin here want to analyse them).
However there are some projects that are definitely beyond their useby date and could be removed/recycled.

Understood, thanks :slight_smile:

Can a few of us help YOU to remove them by commenting?
It is possible to REMOVE them to a store area?
Ones that are useful but unmanaged could be linked somewhere - an index to useful projects
Like in here -
Ones that are forgotten, lost, useless, single untended trials, or plain ‘worthless’ ought to be removed.

Can you open a Thread here so that you can get opinions?
There are 495 projects beginning here
Many are without useful or correct filters - typically
Some are not projects but simply personal Observations
Plenty are just forgotten trials
Many could be deleted, renewed and brought up to date in seconds - they are only simple filters, but where the ‘owner’ left years ago.

You could suggest some for deletion. I have looked through the list a couple of times previously and weeded out a few but if anyone has suggestions as to more that should go then you could list them here and I will look at them again. In some instances they may be kept due to the comments on the project rather than the project itself.
I have got rid of that France one.

OK…I might begin an INDEX of useful Projects later today - as a Project
Anyone can add a comment or suggestion.