Reverted to a Backup?

I would be preperred to wait for the dust to settle after the outages before reporting duplicates as they may have come from backup copies that were taken while sorting it out.

Yes, three actions reported wrt two different posts but surely all have to be reported separately so that anyone searching for, for example, comments by dejayM or for edits by dejayM would find them?

No-one can search someone-else’s Changes Tracker - it is private
ONLY our own activity is recorded in the searchable Activity Tracker - which is searchable by anyone (it is not private).
All our own activity is DUPLICATED (has been duplicated since the 2017 Recode) and is unnecessary.
I find that a real nuisance but perhaps I am the only one - someone should say.

I agree this is not the time to suggest improvements but gentle requests like this get forgotten even ignored. I will continue to request them until someone tell me to stop. Improvements requested

and so
Today the new version of the Tracker became available. I am, REALLY appreciative.
Thanks then to the Coding Team.