Rose Bedeguar Gall

The Robin’s Pincushion or (Rose) Bedeguar Gall is always, I think, resolved in iSpot to (Diplolepsis rosae). I have, however, recently come across the key at which seems to suggest that there are 17 possible species inhabiting the gall and that this number may increase (although also noting that some of the records may be doubtful.) See also British Plant Gall Society

Am I right in thinking that (D. rosae) is the gall causer and that all the others are either parasites on this species or are re-using the gall once its original occupants have departed?

Coincidence! This came up at a recent botanical survey (several polymaths present). One thought that D rosae had been ‘split’ but I doubt that would have produced so many options.

I found another reference to this: wonder if it is confusing the causative organism with the various squatters and parasitoids that can be found in the halls. I’ll try to find that.