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  • STRELITZIA 2013 googled this

The Greater Cape Floristic Region of southern Africa, with an estimated 11,423 native vascular plant species, has one of the richest temperate floras in the world. The newly named Extra Cape Subregion comprises the northern, semi-arid part of the Region. Covering 98,900 km2 and incorporating 92% of the Succulent Karoo Biome, the Extra Cape Subregion has an estimated 3715 native vascular plant species – ferns, other spore-bearing vascular plants and flowering plants – of which 40% are endemic.

  • OLD “CAPE PLANTS 2000” is also available on line - we used the Hard Cover version.

NOW Favourites available on line

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Thanks. Just noting for information: Volume 1 has an index of genera on page 840.
Volume 2 has index of families & genera page 534.

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