Scottish Clearances - LUCE BAY

Some users will be aware that a few of us are clearing nearly 600 Luce Bay (Scotland) mis-located observations.
From about 2013 to early 2018 quite a lot of observations we affected by a location bug. But plenty of users had either forgotten to add a proper location, via the map, or had relied on Camera or Phone technology to complete the task.
Luce Bay is some-sort of default location, as is the Bay of Guinea (Africa) for Global posters, from where about 45 were relocated
Either way we have nearly cleared them. It is no easy task and I am REALLY grateful to HB, northernteacher and Gulvain.
We are near the end, there being less than 200 left. perhaps a week then, hopefully.
Few are worthy of special note (about 7% were either Global or ZA observations)
This one is nice -
I was surprised when I checked GBIF for the Genet ( a slightly different species to the ZA one)
Genetta genetta (Linnaeus, 1758) - (some road kill photos)
and also noted that it is our dictionary and has an observation here
Some relocation are more difficult than others as users don’t always title Locations (PLEASE DO, loosely) and sometimes use the words, ‘in my Garden’ or ‘local Reserve’.

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