Seeking Help Identifying a Beautiful Butterfly

Hey butterfly buddies!

I spotted the most incredible butterfly flitting around my garden the other day, but I’m totally stumped on what kind it is. I’ve been flipping through my butterfly books and browsing online for ages, but no luck!

Here’s what I saw:

  • It was a real stunner, with a wingspan of about 2 inches.
  • The wings were a brilliant orange, splashed with black markings.
  • They weren’t pointy wings, more like soft curves with delicate edges.
  • It seemed right at home in my flower-filled garden.

I even managed to snap a few pictures

I also check this -
Anyone out there have an eye for butterflies and can tell me what this beauty is? If you know anything about what they like to eat or where they hang out, I’d love to hear that too!

Thanks a bunch!

The source of the photograph tells you what type of butterfly it is.

Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Feeding On Stock Photo 362487542 | Shutterstock

Emma Wilson did not say where the photographs were taken. Obviously not the ‘Shutterstock’ image posted.
Monarchs have very occasionally been seen in #Brighton. The Pavilion Garden had a sighting which made the local paper! Most likely a local release rather than a wild adult blown seriously off course.

I’ve read that monarchs are present in Spain, and individuals from that population occasionally turn up in Britain. But we have no indication where in the world her garden is. Since it isn’t her picture we also have no guarantee that it’s the same species as she is asking about.

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She/he says “I even managed to snap a few pictures” then presents the one downloaded from the web. It is a hoax.

That is interesting. Could easily pop across into Britain, as Painted Lady does most years.

That is what I suspect too, the question is why and who/what put it on. Note spammers are tending to target the forum more than the main site for some reason.

No harm done. If Emma Wilson posts more copied images and very naive requests it will need flagging up.

If one bends over backwards in assuming good faith one could just about imagine someone who only managed to take some bad photographs thinking that substituting a better photograph off the web is a good idea. But it is stretching Hanlon’s Razor. I was in two minds as to whether to just flag it.

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According to me a beauty of a butterfly is
The scales, which are arranged in colorful designs unique to each species.