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Dear valued BotSoc member,

Unveiling the latest edition of Veld & Flora is always an exciting moment – made all the more so for this December 2020 issue because the Botanical Society’s Council has decided it should be BotSoc’s festive gift to flora fans everywhere!

We usually like to give our BotSoc members three months of preferential access to the latest issue of our flagship magazine. With this issue, though, it will be open to all – so you can share this link with family and friends.

I’ve opened the link

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I loved the sound of turning the pages…and there’s an article by Tony Rebelo, who joined iSpot 10 years ago.

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I thought I’d go back to hear the pages turning, but see it’s loading very slowly tonight. Hope this won’t put readers off.
Have I shared with you the reference book I use most - also available on line, although I haven’t tried to use it on-line myself - it really is an amazing work.

See if you can follow something like Aspalathus where
there are over 270 species, mainly endemic to southwestern [fynbos] regions in South Africa, with over fifty occurring on the Cape Peninsula alone (Wikipedia also worth a read)

I thought I’d find a link for you about John Manning and instead found so much that I think it deserves a post in itself.
PS I navigated the on-line Cape Plants (easy if one is familiar with the book)
So here is page 466 Aspalathus to enjoy