Shifting Banners

I appreciate renewed interest here - future generations will be grateful
A dandelion
A conker, not seen since 2009 - shifts needed DONE THANKS

@miked HOW did I shift the Banner here Has something changed recently?

Nothing changed recently in the algorithym, it must be a pretty close run thing with the reputation since one of the other ID reputation is an expert. It is still possible to overturn an expert as the 3 people giving this later ID have 4* and it only needs two people at top of 4* plus small amount of reputation from someone else to overturn an ‘expert’. I am assuming the other agreeers to the initial ID have relatively low reputation i.e. just made it into 3* and that 4* covers a much bigger range than the other reputation bands.

Yes, the ‘overturn’ happened when I validated the ID, the agreements came later.
It would save a LOT of trouble if it happened more often.
Didn’t work here (just now)
but thanks

I still have a spreadsheet of over 2000 (two Thousand) Invalid IDs Shifting Banners
Most a created by people agreeing to Incomplete ID Panels.
Some are of low interest to the Community (IMOpinion), others fully deserving Validation
Search iSpot for the Observation Title - Fox and cat

Another. The title of the Observation is Albino Grey Squirrel - can you FIND it? Who is doing what?

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A few more that need your help - please
All the above still need Banner Shifts PLEASE (21 May)

Most of these need a banner Shift. The ID Drop-down flaw can be cured but only with agreements
Post scriptum
Were 11 currently 9 - thanks

Have done what I can - I have little weight when it comes to butterflies etc tho’ - don’t give up: its useful work.

You have and thanks Jo. - I get a Changes flag for every one you do!

A somewhat PRECIOUS Observation needs just a few more - please?

This Damsel in distress needs a valid ID panel.

DONE - thanks

done that one not sure it is possible to go to species

Perhaps someone with a bit more clout than me can at least remove it from our plant collection before it decides to eat them?

and this one?

I still have thousands of these, some perhaps more deserving than others.
and (one of only FOUR iSpot Obs)

From this month, Amadan has added a valid ID but more agreements are needed/ or need to be shifted.

DONE - thank you everyone. This observation has taken its rightful place on iSpot’s Carousel of Other Observations.

Naughty step
WHERE have you read before that it is seldom wise to add agreements to Invalid Panels, thus preventing the whole observation from even being valid?
ONE sympathy agreement is fine
The naughty step is overcrowded this morning, you NINE!

I know… its just very difficult shooting down the poor person who actually got the ID right by superseding their ident. I have tried leaving something in the comments field suggesting they change it, but doesn’t tend to happen.

Yes everyone, I understand, honest. But Ethel (sph349) has been firing blanks of her own for a while and needs advice not agreements making her Observation Invalid.

Without HBs interest here it would have remained so for a long, long time.

Feeling strongly about Dictionary issues or the site’s malfunction, or inflexibility of the ID panel is not helping anyone.
We need to nurture, advise and support the up-and-commings - Ethel is a good observer