Shifting Banners

This is an Invalid Observation, no-one has seen it for nearly ten years
Seen visiting gardens in Hastings in 2009, it has 13 agreements with a locked Likely Banner - no-one can find it except me and Miked. if YOU can find it please help to shift the Banner. THAT’S A CHALLENGE!

PLEASE correct or report Incomplete ID panels - use the Dictionary to best effect, not fight against it.

Same place, another time
This ISSUE is seen clearly in more than one recent specific Observation
Here is one
The real issue is that this ID WAS invalid as far as iSpot is concerned. As long as the Likely Banner stays with an Incomplete ID, NO-one will see the Observation. It goes through the Current Carousel within two days and disappears until someone writes a Project to uncover them - currently that is not possible if it has a misplaced Likely Banner.
Because of what Helen has done in that Observation, on behalf of the User, the Curator, and the Site, the Observation (Georgemitchell’s first) is now properly seen by a wide audience.
This excellent Observation would not be found in a search (for Rhagium mordax), would not be displayed in the Species Browser, nor any Other Observation Carousel. It is Invalid - iSpot is blind to such posts…
Like the Albino Squirrel above, that Observation is precious, ALL of the pre 2012 2400, we are currently struggling with, are.Invalid. Helen has done everyone a favour in this modern post, validating the ID.
Feeling strongly about Distionary issues or the serious shortcomings of iSpot in general, is not working. We must work with the system as best we can. Fighting against powerful agreers is failing and terribly frustrating for the few who care.
When the banner is properly LOCKED to the Scientifically accepted name, then agreements and proper acknowledgement can be given to each User (BUT beware of shifting the banner back to the invalid ID).
Once powerful agreements are awarded to incomplete ID Panels, then due process is stalled and sometimes halted for years.
Please correct or report Invalid IDs

This ob has an invalid ID and needs a revised ID before anyone agrees.
Sorted - thanks. Now Removed.

Removed the Bubo - it is now valid, thanks
One for a PlantsTeam

Found in the UI Inverts Project. They all have incomplete ID panels with no agreements. Hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can re-enter the IDs (if they are correct) or genus.

Two observations given valid identifications - removed. Many thanks.

SA Flower with an Invalid ID panel and a Likely banner. It needs a valid ID panel and, in turn, agreements to shift the likely banner.

8 powerful and regular ‘users’ have agreed to an Invalid ID here

This post is interesting taxonomically. Dejay says “There is NO point in agreeing to Incomplete ID Panels”.
However, in this case people have agreed to a currently accepted name, C. perspectalis. I think that’s the proper thing to do for two reasons.
Firstly, I I like to agree to correct, current names, for I find it is academically unsettling to do otherwise. Secondly, at some stage the iSpot dictionaries may be updated and then C. persectalis will be correct.

What I don’t know, and what I am really interested in, is what will happen to the two currently separated sets of posts of this species of moth; will they all be gathered in the correct name?
This must have happened in the past on iSpot, so perhaps MikeD or others with long memories can answer.

Of course, I agree there are iSpot posts where the agreements are on panels which could be shifted to produce a correct Likely id., and I’m trying to do my bit to help in those cases.

I looked at several of the Ixia ciliaris Posts already on iSpot and several of them mention the similar looking Cyanella.
So, without the relevant info ( books) I can’t get any further.

Ixia ciliaris - I’m interested. But searching iSpot is rather like looking down a black hole whilst wearing a blindfold (try it). Can you link one please Jo?
This is rather unhelpful

Ixia scillaris and the lookalike Cyanella
The Ixia scillaris posts have little info or no comments on the characteristic features of this species to help us.
The following 4 Ixia scillaris posts all mention Cyanella.

Perhaps Marlandza can throw some light on the id of the one dejay has picked out here, which is misnamed Ixia cillaris in the title.

Back to Shifting Banners.

Easy ones but there are THOUSANDS!


Yes, I have asked this before. One would hope that a decent piece of code will be written, to look for Synonyms and then update the Observation.
I suspect though, that it will probably only be possible to search for known Synonyms, not misspellings, nor ‘forced’ IDs (those inside Black panels).
iSpot ran from 2009 to 2014 with the dictionaries being updated, I can find NO sign of ID updating. What I’d like to do with my few is change them ‘manually’. The difficulty will be in shifting the damned Banner!. It’s a potential mess here but science literature and databases are stuffed full of out-of-date names - this is not a new issue in biological science.
I was pleased to find this today - Andrew Cowley certainly had the gift!

I am on the brink of giving up my quest to validate Observations - it is unrewarding and time consuming… I like Observing.

Happy to help. Im sure validating the observations is worthwhile. Our combined agreements might in some cases shift the banner and whittle the total number down a bit.

Me, too. I seem busier now I’ve retired than when I was working, but try to find time to tackle some of the (very) many unidentifieds, and to validate any I can.
I’m regretting my phases of very low confidence, when I add comments rather than potential identifications. They can disappear without trace.

Now one of the nicest iSpot Collections I closed this Project yesterday. There are still THREE banners to shift found in the Master project
Nearly all the Slime Moulds are now together ‘under one roof’. See above

Removed by me. I’ve had enough of slime moulds.
Does anyone still have a taste for banner shifting or simply Validating the invalids?

In the old iSpot design if the name used was not in the dictionaries the system seems to do a match to identical text. So C. perspectalis would link to all the other C. perspectalis ones at least.
That feature got broken/discontinued several upgrades back but like you I would not like to agree to a wrong name just to make the system work. I’d rather wait for the functionality to be brought back.

iSpot will always be behind with dictionaries - all databases are and the CoL 2019 is already. If we ignore Observations which are based on a mistype, a forced ID, or a known (old) synonym, the dark basement here (already crammed with Unidentifieds) will spoil everything. I am very keen to see the basement emptied but it cannot be done unless people agree with the process
You may be wrong about “the old iSpot design” being different. I am dealing with invalid IDs made in 2009 which have no other Obs. displayed nor links of any kind - it’s the same today as in 2009. It’s not the dreadful 2017 recode that brought that about.
Although you were responding to JoC, I really appreciate your comment here.

Only yesterday, in iNat, was I able to add a name that was not in the current dictionary and which now (already) has agreements. Each Taxa has Curators who respond, asking for evidence that the name is valid and they are able to ‘allow’ the new name to be added. The effect is immediate.

The Slime Mould Collection is not quite complete. can anyone help shift the LAST banner please?