Shock horror: French may have stolen our Frogs Legs recipe!

May be the way the tabloids report it:

Thanks, got me reading the US article (1977) about Climate Change - Solar panels on the White House that were taken down by Regan…

Oh goodness. We should have been watching out for Gardeners may be spreading lethal frog disease throughout UK, study warns | Wildlife | The Guardian

Just got wondering here, at present there is a lot of worry about kids getting ill being concerned about the destruction of the planet. But what about those of us who knew about the situation even before this 1977 memo and all words fell on deaf ears when trying to raise the issue. At least now there is some action even if it is too late.
I have just been glancing at some of the papers I wrote 30 years ago on different crops that could be grown in UK under various climate warming scenarios and remembered that I got one in the farming press but then in the scientific press the more ‘extreme’ scenarios used in that article were not allowed as they were “not believable”, of course now they are very much believable and worrying.

All rather sad - remember the Al Gore documentary?

I still think only a very few people reacted to it. And then there was the sequel…

The “ostrich” approach to climate change has, if anything, become more prevalent in the intervening years.

Read this and weep On board the 78m Feadship superyacht Boardwalk owned by Tilman Fertitta

Anyone know where I can buy second-hand torpedoes?

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Non-biting midges