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The purpose of this project is to increase monitoring of small mammals in Great Britain, especially shrews. The Greater White-toothed Shrew (GWTS) has now been identified in Sunderland and is known to be an invasive species in Ireland, at the detriment of the pygmy shrew (a native species in the British Isles). We need to increase monitoring of small mammals to understand their baseline population and distribution status so that the effect of GWTS introductions on native small mammals can be determined, especially that of the pygmy shrews.


Useful info.

It would be good to ask iSpotters who make observations of shrews, or any other small mammals, to log their sightings via the Mammal Society. I’d not heard of the GWTS and its impact on native species till now.

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This passed me by, too.
What are the chances of one turning up on iSpot, I wonder?
The Fastcat (?Fastshrew) AI did suggest this as an ID here:

But didn’t attract any support.