Shy photos. failed link upload

Admittedly, this is an old post (25 November 2014):
https:[double slash][slash]communities[slash]uk-and-ireland[slash]view[slash]observation[slash]295365[slash]dog-possibly-poisoned-by-mushroom-please-help
However, someone has clearly managed to add an identification to it in the last 24 hours. Since I added a comment originally, it showed up on my changes tracker.
When I visited it, iSpot refused to show me the images, except as thumbnails: I tried to post the link here, the upload begins and a preview shows the main photo as well as thumbnails. But, the upload will not complete (shown as 100%, but the “spinner” still turning): and the topic cannot be created. Clearly, the are potentially visible- as the image created by the link shows.
I’ve had to “de-hyperlink” the address above, to prevent iSpot trying to load the preview, which inevitably fails as described.
Is it the age of the post, I wonder? Clearing my PCs cache didn’t help.
I have also tried uploading a screenshot taken with OneNote, but that also will not complete.

You mean the Hebeloma ID, I guess.
Ben is wandering the un-identifieds at the moment - he is quietly doing good work.
The 7 pictures load well and fast (here in the Northern Isles), suggesting that your issue is local (in your PC).
A few other things -
You can avoid the preview here by ramming the link close to the preceding text (single space) OR removing everything beyond that final slash (easiest)
The other is that you can just tell us the Post Number 295365. We open any other observation and substitute the number and a forward slash - exactly as I did above. here’s full link without preview
There is no obvious answer to the difficulties of local resource but it can easily still be iSpot’s server not behaving. I have recently had to shut down my PC and start again. I am constantly opening my Task Manager (Cntl/Alt/Delete in Win10) to see WHERE my expensive processing power is going.