Silly filtering fault

Checking my facts, for a contribution elsewhere in the Forums, I tried to filter iSpot observations by user. I discovered that there is a minimum 3-character limit here. So why does the site allow users to pick shorter names? I was unable to complete the search.
By the bye, the following “helpful” note appeared after the first sentence here: It wasn’t.

Not silly, just incompetence.
This has been raised before, even before the notorious recode.
We seem to be groaning under relatively simple bits of miscode
@miked - it is worth opening a Google Sheet so that we can add these annoyances (all over again?)
I DO think it would be more satisfying and encouraging to be able to add it to a list in a constructive way, After all, such reports here are lost almost immediately.

…for basic bug and fault reporting. I believe that user observations and reports here are getting lost in the Forum, with people starting new threads when old ones need refreshing and where ONE place for bugs, errors and inefficiencies is not available.
Is the site slowing down? I am having real trouble refreshing pages in my Tracker and Projects, particularly at the Map. I can no longer find out how many Observations are in in my big projects, those that require up to 25 refreshes at 1 min each.

Not sure the site is slowing down, has never been particularly fast but from here does not seem much slower. Perhaps you need a new undersea cable, have they put that on hold now that the proposed rocket base has been moved?

My absolute max speed at home is 6,2mbps (2.2km Copper wire) - double this time last year. The Public Library, all Council properties, Schools etc. are in excess of 20Mbps. Even so when I access iSpot at County Hall it is slow and I believe slower than ever as it trawls the whole site during refreshes.
I ran the whole site at home for Unidentified Organisms and each refresh (of 15) was taking a min of 50 secs and eventually, at the 15th, 92 secs.
I have removed my links from here and above, no-one has opened them.

I have no evidence other than anecdotal but I feel that the site has been very slow to load recently at all times of day (with broadband speeds of 70 Mb/s here in London). It’s not as slow as iRecord, which I’ve given up with, but it’s slow.