Site changes - things missing?

I see that the ‘Tracking’ option is no longer present. Am I missing something? It was very useful to keep up with conversations one has commented on. I will miss it is it’s gone for good.

Secondly there is a new option to ‘save’ filtered observations. I saved my preferred view, gave it a name, and got a message to say it had been saved successfully, but now I can’t see how to implement or retrieve it. Where is it?

BTW a second attempt to save a filter has failed several times, throwing an unhelpful error message, which simply says that saving has failed.


go to MySPot and look there for filters. Your save filters are there, but it does not include what filters were used, so use a name that explains that.

Yes, Tracking was going to be left off, but following complaints we may bget it back. Until then this site is useless exact for dumping observations.

Found it. Thanks very much. Hope tracking does come back!

Also Missing: the ability to go into an observation from the carousel, agree or offer an alternative ID and then use the ‘next’ or ‘previous’ buttons at the top of that observation to go to the next observation in the carousel WITHOUT having to go all the way back to the home page, select the option of viewing plant records and then scrolling through the thumbnails to find it. Takes ages and i just don’t have the several hours per day it now takes to review obsevrations. I have consequently given up reviewing observations until it is reinstated.

  • unless anyone has encountered an alterantive way to do what I describe in the new version of iSpot?
  • anyone heard anything about whether this feature will be reinstated? it must be pretty simple in terms of coding…

What I do is go down the column in list view and right click anything I want to agree to, then click on “Open in other tab” option. When I’ve got a batch I go through them one by one, closing the tabs as I go. It saves some time. I think it’s sad you aren’t able to comment - I’ve always appreciated your help.


Thanks Joe - I had no idea it was possible to do that - and yes, it will save me a lot of time. Will have to have a play about tomorrow lunchtime…I have been really missing my daily iSpot ‘fix’!

Use the mouse-wheel-click - that opens immediately in a new tab whilst keeping you on the same page. That saves you the two clicks of right-click >open-in-new-tab.

Note that on some pages where one used to be able to mouse-wheel-click this option has been shut off by the programmers - I dont know why …

No news that this functionality (previous - next) will be reinstated,or even that the programmers are aware that it used to exist. it is in the bug list, but given all the many serious bugs (over 400 in my list at present) it it not a high priority.


even better - thanks Tony!

"What I do is go down ,"
you get a LIKE from me for that. Likes are good for the heart - yes?

Gosh - that is better! Thanks, Tony.

This I totally agree with.
Since the “new Ispot” was launched I have tried to be positive, but in all honesty, I find this program totally useless. Have noted that just about the only thing I look at at the moment it this Forum - which is in all honesty, nothing more than an area to vent one’s frustrations.
Analyzing the situation, there seems to be two options available:

  1. Continue being frustrated, and use this Forum.
  2. Get rid of the frustration and forget that Ispot ever existed.

Option 2 seems to be the most logical

Option two is only logical if you are a handsopper (giver-upper). Far more logical - if you enjoyed iSpot in the past - is to complain vociferously, but most importantly, to contribute to getting the site fixed so that by the scheduled deployment date of October, it is as good, or - may we daydream and wishfully think - perhaps even better than the old.

But, as you say (Tony), we have to stick with 1. However NO-ONE is coming here, only we few are reading this. Further, if anyone really does come here,they will never be able to isolate the the main reasons why we are so FRUSTRATED. We need the TEST TEAM for each community to report consistently to THE (classified) GoogleSheet. I have asked and asked for this to be the case but it still need to be read by the Development Team.

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De Ja Vu. Sept 2014 all over again. Only about 1/3 of bugs fixed by March, and then the development team ditched everything else and we just had to live with the bugs.

How much are you willing to bet that the same happens this time?

What iSpot needs is a steering committee of active users (over 5000 observations and IDs) who 1. suggest developments and 2. ensure that they are properly programmed.

But having programmers at OU run iSpot is a DISASTER! THEY ARE MORE INTERESTING IN GIMMICS AND FANCY STUFF than in user satisfaction and quality of experience. Simply they dont care except for their own patting one another on their backs.
At least,we dont see any evidence to the contrary at all.

My continued happiness and commitment here depends on it NOT happening again

My sentiments precisely!!!

I second that. remaining positive is quite difficult at the moment.

What happened to the “Who’s online” ? When I rejoined the New Ispot it showed all that were on line… For the last 3 days there have only been 10 users on line. Currently i’m presumably not on line but typing this :confounded:

Yes and guests now often outnumber Users. Guests are users who have still not yet fathomed how to log in and use!

Sorry, you are chatting to someone that is still not on line. LOL